Experience our interactive gaming floor and the future of entertainment with Pixel Games!

This innovative indoor trend offers a fully automatic gaming experience with high ROI for kids and adults of all ages.

Lots of different games and game modes, memberships and achievement as well as a great user interface and easy controls make Pixel Games the perfect activity for your FEC or indoor location.

Magically automatic.

To minimize employee efforts, we provide Automated Game Control and Self-Registration features. In short: Almost nothing to worry about.

Legal secured engineering.

“PATENT PENDING” and one step ahead of the competition. Just as we secured our technical invention to be the #1, we will make sure that your businesses success is secured as well.

Reliable and robust.

We have combined German engineering with high quality materials and created a both durable and efficient product. Teamed up with our control software, operators will experience seamless revenue.

Support & Update Program

Enhance your performance with constant game updates, promotion material and additional services.

Available in June

Operator materials, videos and designs

Brand photos, manuals, flyers and more for a succeeding business.

Available in June

Memberships & Achievements

Save scores and progress to support repeated play and continuous motivation

Available in June

We are expanding. Our locations:

We are expanding. Our locations: