27. May 2023 Pixel Games

International Bowl Expo 2023

Come and see us in Orlando.

Unveiling Innovation at the International Bowl Expo 2023

As a budding force in the dynamic world of leisure, we are thrilled to share that we will be attending the prestigious International Bowl Expo 2023 in Orlando. Known for being a leading global platform for not just the bowling industry, this annual gathering serves as the nexus for innovative products, latest trends, and brilliant minds pushing boundaries in entertainment.

Our company is poised to introduce Pixel Games as the new and interactive product, designed to invigorate the way people engage with leisure activities. We are excited to leverage the influential platform provided by the Bowl Expo, where industry trendsetters, enthusiasts, and decision-makers converge. This esteemed event offers the perfect environment to spotlight our new product and explore the industry’s shifting paradigms.

Try it yourself!

But the most exciting aspect of our participation is giving customers the opportunity to see and test our product firsthand. We believe in the power of experience and are eager to let our customers interact with our product’s unique features. This tangible experience will allow visitors to witness our dedication to enhancing technology, design, and user engagement.

Join us at the International Bowl Expo 2023 and be part of the revelation of our revolutionary product. We are thrilled to reshape the industry’s future with you and contribute to the collective narrative of progress in the world of leisure. Your support ignites our passion for innovation, and we look forward to celebrating this significant step with you.

The countdown to the International Bowl Expo 2023 begins now!

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